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At Insight Hypnotherapy, LLC, your needs are met by our flexible range of services using hypnosis.  We offer individual sessions, package individual sessions and group sessions and group seminars for test preparation.

A typical individual session lasts 1-1/2 hours and costs $150.

A package of individual sessions can be paid in advance - a package of 3 sessions costs $375 (a $75 savings).  A package of 6 sessions costs $600 (a $300 savings).  Packages are non-refundable once paid and will expire if not used within one year.

Group sessions can be arranged - please call to discuss pricing.

Group seminars, especially for test preparation for college, grad school or professional licensing exams (GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, CPA exam, Bar exam, Medical licensing exam (USMLE), Real Estate Broker exam, Stock Broker exam (Series 7), Pharmacist exam (NAPLEX), Contractor licensing exams, etc.) are priced as a package.  Contact us for more details on pricing and scheduling.

Areas of Focus

Areas of focus include achieving goals and moving past “feeling stuck” in life, career, etc., enhancing relationships, removing fears, freeing traumas,  medical support (pain management, pre- and post-medical procedure support) and past life regression.  There are many other beneficial uses of hypnotherapy we offer - please see the FAQs section for more information and ideas on how we can help you.


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